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(Last modified: Aug 17, 1999)

10th Anniversary of Tendo Kougen Festival

      August 23, 1998 (Sunday)
      11:00 / Open the entrance
      11:30 / Openning Celemony
      13:30 / Breaking up
      Tendo Kougen (Heights in east Tendo)

Tickets of the Festival

barbecueThey sell only 1,000 advince tickets. They don't sell on the day !!
You can get tickets at ...
  • Tendo City Office
  • Tendo Kougen Rodge
  • Tendo-shi Noukyou (Agriculture Cooperation in Tendo)
  • Tendo Shoukou Kaigi Sho (The Camber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo)
  • Tendo-shi Kankou Bussan Kyoukai (Tourism Promotion Association in Tendo)
(TEL +81-23-654-1111)
(TEL +81-23-657-3628)
(TEL +81-23-653-5111)
(TEL +81-23-654-3511)
(TEL +81-23-653-1680)
It is very easy to buy tickets at the Tourism Promotion Association in Tendo because they are open even if on Saturday and Sunday. There is thier office on the 2nd floor at the Tendo Station.

Tendo-shi Kankou Bussan Kyoukai (Tourism Promotion Association in Tendo)
Open / from 9:00 to 18:00 (They are closed on the last day of every month)
1-1-1, Honchou, Tendo-shi (in the Tendo Station)
TEL +81-23-653-1680 / FAX +81-23-653-1685

      The executive committee of Tendo Kougen Matsuri (Tendo City Office, Tendo-shi Bokuya Kousha, Agricultural cooperative association in Tendo, The Camber of Commerce and Industry in Tendo, Tourism Promotion Association in Tendo, Promotion association of stock raising in Tendo, Cooperation of Tendo Spa, The Board of Education in Tendo, Community center at the area Tamugino.
      Economic league in Yamagata Prefecute, Dewazakura Shuzou Co.,Ltd, Mitobe Shuzou Co.,Ltd and Tendo Wine Co.,Ltd
wine in Tendo

Tourist Guide
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