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The Origin of Tendo(Last update: July 14, 1998)

1.Children fell down with dancing

Over 1000 years ago, one warming day, a higher bonze Gyougi chanted the Buddhist invocation on the top of the Mt.Maizuru.

After noon, purple clouds suddenly appeared above that mountain and he heard the sound of flutes and drums. Next, 2 children felt down with dancing. One child is Goei Douji and another is Makatsu Douji.2 children said to surprised Gyogi.

    We are messengers for Jizaiten(Budda).
    You are a higher bonze.
    You should build a temple and pray for all creatures.

After that, they disappeared suddenly. The villagers who listened from Gyogi walked down the foot of that mountain and look around. But nobody could find out them.

After that, the bonze Gyougi named the mountain "Mt.Tendo" after them. And the area was named "Tendo".

Long time passed, Kigen who was a pupil of Gyougi built the surine "Tendo Jinzya" for that 2 children, Sukunahikona-no-Mikoto and Ohnamuchi-no-mikoto. They say that the chinese character "Tendo" is written by putting 2 children together.

Futari (means two people) -> TEN (means heaven)

DOU (means Child)

2.KITABATAKE Tendomaru

In the Nanboku era, Tendomaru who is the sun of KITABATAKE Chikafusa, who is the best player of Japanese traditional dance. They say that he built his house on the Mt. Atago. They named here Tendo after that.

(Refered for guide book of mucicipal system of Tendo city)

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