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Kakuchi-Gakusha / Mt.Omoshiro / Prefectural Sports Park / Central Park

[Yamagata Prefecture designated historic spot]
Kakuchi Gakusha There are many maple trees at the Kakuchi-Gakusha. That maple trees are "Takao-Kaede"(maple tree in Takao). Those trees have been carried from Kyoto. There is a difference that that leaves are small rather than standard maple tree which we see well around here. In a Japanese local song "Hanagasa-Ondo" there is a phrase that Tendo is famous for red leaves. It is said that that red leaves means maple trees at the Kakuchi-Gakusha. They will light up those trees in a ertain period of "Tendo autumn festival".
Kaminukuzu, Tendo City [10 min. from cetral Tendo]
Parking lot
A road to "Kakuchi-Gakusha" is very narrow. You had better park at the facility "Jyagaramura" near. We use that parking lot at the "Tendo autumn festival" period. You can arrive at the "Kakuchi-Gakusha" about a few minuites.
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Mt.Omoshiro A mountain trail to the Mt.Omoshiro is prepared from Tendo Kougen camping ground. It takes about 2 hours to the Mt.Omoshiro summit of a mountain even if you climb slowly. You can looked over the Murayama basin with Tendo City from the top. Because the mountain trail is comparatively gentle, you may climb by the hike mood to the summit of a mountain.
Climb from Tendo Kougen camping ground [about 25 minuites from cetral Tendo]
Parking lot
The parking lot of Tendo Kougen camping ground
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Kakuchi-Gakusha / Mt.Omoshiro / Prefectural Sports Park / Central Park

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