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They say that many people become to like the Vietnamese food. I think so. Many people think that Vietnamese food are very hot. But it isn't absolutely hot, they say that Vietnamese food fit in Japanese.

Until I went to Vietnam, my mouth watered every time when I checked Vietnamese food on the guidebooks ( I don't exaggerate! ).

At this page, I introduce the emotion when I eat Vietnamese food.

1. Soup rice in My Tho
They provide a bowl of rice like a pilaff with soup. Rice is a little dry, it is very good for this dish. There are many contains in the soup, ground meat of pork, macaroni, carrot, shrimp, etc.
[ Rice Soup ]

2. Vietnamese pot food
It is a little hot. They put much meat, fishes and vegetables in chicken soup and put thin noodle (probably Chinese noodles) at last. A Chinese cabbage, a kind of Brassica Rapa are most vegetables. I tried to ask waitress about soup stock, she taught me to use chiken with born. I tried to cook this dish at home, but it became far taste... It is too easy to use solid soup of "Pho" that I bought in Vietnam and rice vermicelli instead of thing noodle.

3. Pho (Vietnamese noodle)
They serve many variety of Pho at the restaurant of our hotel. Noodle with chicken is "Pho Ga" and noodle with beef is "Pho Bo". That soup is very plain chiken soup. So I ate another bowl of Pho though my stomach was full of food. At first I wanted to eat at the Pho-stand outdoor, but I gave up because I was afraid of food poisoning.

4. Cha Gio (Fried Harumaki )
There are many kinds of versions harumaki, surrounded a lobster, pork, etc. A feeling of appetite is harder which I imagined, it is very good.

I tried this dish at home, too. During frying, I was a trouble that rice paper was turned up definitely and the contents had appeared. At last, I fixed them with a toothpick. But the taste was simillar to one in Vietnam.
[ Fried Harumaki ]

5. Goi Ngo Sen
(right dish in the picture)
This is a salad with shrimp, pork, lotus, nuts, etc. They season a little sweet. It is good for me that crispness.

6. Mi Xao
(left dish in the picture)
This is one of Chow mein (Japanese Yakisoba) with much meat, shrimps, vegetables. A noodle is a little resistance to the teeth and the thinness that seem to be cup noodle. This is the piece that I want to eat one more time.
[ Goi sen and Mi Xao ]

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