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Japanese era
Christian era
Events in Tendo
Events in Japan
the Old Stone Age
B.C. 15,000
People appear in Tendo for the first time.

Jomon era
B.C. 6,000
People begin to live in Tamugino area.
Life style of hunting
B.C. 4,000
Village appears in Kami-Araya area.
B.C. 2,500
Villages are established in a plateau and a waterside of a hilly region.
B.C. 1000 - 500
Big villages are established in Miyata, Ishikura area and Yaguchi, Yanome area.
Yayoi era

Village appears at Jizouike in Naryu area.
Rice growing technology in a rice field reaches for the first time.
Start of rice growing
Himiko founds a country "Yamataikoku".
Kofun era
Villages of rice growing are established at each place of alluvial fan in the end department of Murayama basin.
Country is established in Yamato.
Some villages are gathered up and make a small state.
Old burial mounds to bury a chief are made at Shoge area.
Big villages are established at Takadama, Kurazou and Naryu area.
Asuka era

Big villages are established at Ganshoudan, Numata and Naryu area.
607 / Shotoku Taishi builds the temple Houryu-ji
645 / The Soga clans are ruined by Taika Reformation
Nara era
Dewa state is established.
Tendo belongs to Mogami district.
710 / The capital is moved in the Nara
752 / A great statue of Buddha of Todai-ji Temple is completed
A rebellion of Ezo (indigenous people) happens in each place of Tohoku region.
A rebellion continues afterwards for 38 years.
Heian era
the Reizan-ji temple (meaning Mt.Suisho ?) is designated as a temple of a state.
794 / The capital is moved in the Kyoto
1016 / Fujiwara Michinaga becomes regency, the Fujiwara clans prosper
Bonze Ennin died who is informed to establish Yamadera temple.
They divide Mogami district into 2 districts , new Mogami district and Murayama district.
Kamakua era
A hanging Buddhist image is dedicate at the Shorin-ji temple in Nukuzu area.
1192 / Yoritomo MINAMOTO makes the Shogunate government in Kamakura
1274 / Attack of Gen (current China)
1281 / Attack of Gen (current China)
1333 / The Kamakura Shogunate government is over
1338 / Takauji ASHIKAGA makes the Shogunate government "Muromachi" in Kyoto
The Fujiwara Masatsuna who is a public official of the Naryu-noSho dedicates a hanging Buddhist image made of copper to Jyakushou-ji temple.

# Naryu-no-Sho: It was a manor with whole area of current Tendo city. It was a territory of the Imperial Family.
3 Amitabha image are dedicated to Ishibotoke of Shouge area.
They built the Bukkou-ji temple in Naryu area, Sekibutsu-ji temple in Shouge area and Shouhou-ji temple in Ishikura area.
(Azuchi Momoyama)
Muroamchi era
Kaneyori SHIBA enters in Yamagata
1573 / Nobunaga ODA destroys government of Muromachi
1590 / Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI standardizes the whole country
Yorinao SHIBA who is a grandchild of Kaneyori SHIBA enters in Tendo. He changes his surname to TENDO.
Yorinaga TENDO atack to the Yamdera temple.
Yoshimitsu MOGAMI attack Yorihisa TENDO and Tendo castle falls to the enemy.
After the Tendo castle fall, Yoshimitsu MOGAMI builts the Atago Jinjya(Shinto shrine) on the site of castle.
Quoted the "Story of Tendo", the memorial magazine of the 25th founding anniversary of Tendo junior chambe

[ Process of merger of self-governing bodies ]
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