13. the Movie Cyclo
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The rice-transplanting scenery that I looked at from the inside of the bus which went to a My Tho. Almost people who worked were covered with Traditional hat (Nonlah) over. I bought one with 10,000VDN (about 100 yen).
# VDN = Vietnam Don

In a month after coming back to Japan, I looked a movie "Cyclo" which I bought while cleaning a room. This is the movie which I watched after an interval of 1 year. It was a street of Ho Chi Minh city as I watched it. Life of people became a bright picture and jumped into me.

Ho Chi Minh, a street surrounded by the noise, languid atmosphere, a lot of smart people and pizazza... The atmosphere that I was attracted first existed in Vietnam with a movie completely. But in a fact, a person having the work who only sit down and wait for, the person who works in order to only eat, the children who did a mendicant innocently, many variety of peole there are.

It is said that Asia is the hottest now in the world. However, people suffer from disease of mind and the number of suicide increases rapidly in Thailand and Hong Kong. Will such a case come someday to Vietnam? I looked at the scenery before such a case came that I could never look at in current Japan. My child may want to go to Vietnam in the future. Vietnam will grow how then?

I thought about a way of live of myself. I am sometimes disgusted with commonplace of everyday life. There is the day that I hate myself. But I think that I don't want to forget that there is a feeling to live purely, there are a lot of people living by a little joy in the world.

I will visit Vietnam AGAIN !!

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