7. Foods
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"Nanh Cuon Tom Ap Chao"
This is a fried minced shrimp. I eat this dish at the restaurant "Blue Ginger".

This is a list of restaurants I went to eat. Many guidebooks show this 5 restaurants from the top. Almost restaurants is located in the central Ho Chi Minh City, without Mi Toh.
It must be pleasure to communicate with staffs speak in Japanese very hard. I think this is a ordinary restaurant for Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City.
Blue Ginger
This is a high-class Vietnamese restaurant. Waitresses introduce all dishes in Japanese.
Le Caprice
This is a high-class French restaurant at the top of the building. You can see very beautiful night view in Ho Chi Minh City.
Dong You Cafe
This is a fasionable cafe. They also serve a Vietnamese snacks. After noon beautiful women talk with each other.
Chatterbox Restaurant
This is a stateless restaurant at the 1st(ground) floor in Sigon Prince Hotel. I ate breakfasts every day. It is a first time for me to eat how good breakfast at the hotel.
This is a restaurant of Vietnamese court dishes. You can eat with watching Vietnamese traditional dance.
one cafe
(I forgot the name)
This is a fashionable cafe. I drank a longing Vietnamese Cafe. They serve safe ices, so You can drink icy juce. It is located near the street "Don Koi".
one local restaurant
(I forgot the name)
This is a open-air restaurant. I went here after the cruise of Mecon River.

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