4. Sigon Prince Hotel
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A photograph is welcome fruits in a hotel. From the top of basket, big red fruit is a dragon fruit, yellow one is banana and brown small one is Euphoria longana. I have no idea about other fruits. Another red fruit is not delicious because it was not juicy and not clogged up. On the plate, there is a rambutan and a orange. The most deliious fruit for me is a dragon fruit.

A leading hotel is very gorgeousness though it maybe same in Japan. I am full exposure countryman. I understand a feeling of the person who has said carelessly "I AM A COFFEE". An official language in a hotel is the English language. All staffs speak English , maid of bedmaking, a chef of a restaurant.

What I enjoyed most is a breakfast buffet in a hotel. I am not hungry by noon because I eat much every morning full of stomach. It is the first time to eat such delicious sausage. Some omelettes are impressive which I select a favorite thing among the inside and they cook at the place. And one of Vietnamese noodle "Pho" which was made of powdered rice and a kind of Chinese noodles "Mie" were very delicious, too. Even if I was full of stomach, I can eat "Pho" easily! I have had a buffet in a high-quality hotel in Japan, but there is no variety and delicious thing. What is this difference?

They broadcasted Japanese national broadcasting NHK delaied about two hours (not realtime) when I turned on a television. The woman who wore Aozai still stands out when I changed to a Vietnamese channel. It seems that Aozai melts into daily life rather than Japanese Kimono (Japanese traditional clothes) in Japan because many Vietnamese women, announcers of TV news show, hotel staffs, students, etc. were one. In fact, I tailormaked one. Aozai is very light, so it is easy to move. And a line is very beautiful. However, you must keet your figures because there is only a little a margin for a seam.

In an elevator of a hotel, I often met other Japanese. And there is a middle-aged drunkard man told very beautiful Vietnamese hotel woman "Where is there a hairdryer" in Japanese... There were many Japanese anywhere even if I came to Ho Chi Minh City.

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