5. Cholon
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This is the market "Bin Tai" at the area "Cholon", little China in Ho Chi Minh City.
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I visit the "Binh Tai" market at the Cholon area, the town of Chinese. In the market, it is very crowed and I smell many variety of food, shrinp, fish, etc. Many ants walk on the sugar.

Hair accesary, dairy things, silk, there are many shops what they sell same things. Why do they display how many things? Where do they have the money how to stock things? Many many things there are at all shops.
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[ Market 3 ]
And a homeless person sleep in a landing of stairs. In the neighbor, a young woman reads a book. A free vendor sleeep with a hammock. It is the Binh Tay Market(Cho Binh Tay) which there is such an atmosphere of relaxation and restless. Such small alley is just the scenery what I imagined.

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