6. Tien Hau Temple
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[ Tien Hau Temple ]
At the Tien Hau temple.

This is the overseas Chinese temple which is the oldest in Vietnam built in 1760 They fire in a point of an incense stick by a candle and hang it on a ceiling.

It is "Tien Hau temple" that I visited after Binh Tay market (Cho Binh Tay) in Cho Lon district. An incense stick of eddy type is 10,000VDN (Vietnam Don). I write down a name on a strip of paper and hang it on a ceiling with an incense stick together. This incense stick continues burning for one month. A hot feeling welled up when I thought that an incense stick continued burning here even if I came back to Japan.

There is a mailbox in Tien Hau temple. That mailbox is to send a letter for the person have gone.
The track that a lot of letters burnt was left there. I think that they wrote down an idea to the dead person which who continued growing violently. I seem to be able to peep at the Vietnamese feeling a little who have much faith. The Tien Hau temple was such a place for me.

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