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Map of Ningen Shogi
<Time for...>
From Tendo station ...
about 20 minuites on foot

From city office ...
about 20 minuites on foot

From Yamagata-Kita IC of Yamagata Highway...
about 10 minuites by car

From Yamagata Station ...
about 10 or 15 minuites by train

Larger maps ...(Japanese only !)
"Mapion" (North area in Tendo)
"Mapion" (South area in Tendo)
"Mapion" (Around "Yamagata-Kita IC")
Fine day /
Top of the Mt.Maizuru

Rainy day /
Tendo City Hall (TEL +81-23-654-1511)
(Eastside of Tendo City Office, in front of City Library, City Museum)
Usually they announce where they have the event about 11:00 a.m.
<Parking place>
Around Tendo City Office (City Library, City Museum, etc.)

(1)We cannot drive to the top of the Mt.Maizuru this day. You have to park your car at the City Office.

(2)They will prepare many buses for visitors at the City Office.
More infomation...
Tendo Tourist center tel +81-23-653-1680

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