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(Last update: July 25, 2001)
Poster in 2001
Poster in 2000
< The 46th Cherry blossom festival( in 2001) >
Event Report in 2001
This year they held some new attraction.

Time table in 2000
They hold on April 22(Sat.) and 23(Sun.) in 2000. This year it is best season that you may watch samurai with cherry blossoms.

Event Report in 2000
You see many pictures of "Ningen Shogi" in 2000. This year they prepared some new ideas for the event "Ningen Shogi".

Event report in 1998
You see many pictures of "Ningen Shogi" in 1998.

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Ningen Shogi (Human Japanese Chess Game)
Every spring, we have the festival "Ningen Shogi" (Human Japanese Chess Game) in Tendo.
And this year, we have this event on 4th Saturday and Sunday in April.
Aprin 21(Sat.) in 2001
Ms.Yamato TAKAHASHI with the grade 2nd dan
Ms.Sayuri HONDA with the grade 1st dan
Mr.Takashi ABE with the grade 7th dan
April 22(Sun.) in 2001
Mr.Takashi ABE with the grade 7th dan
Mr.Kiyokazu KATSUMATA with the grade 5th dan
Mr.Takeshi FUJII with the title "Ryuou"
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