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Yachinaka no Ishidorii [Material Heritage of Tendo]
Ishidorii of Yachinaka
Heights of right pole
220 centi meters long
Heights of left pole
225 centi meters long
Age of building
Kamakura Era (from 1192A.D. to 1333A.D.)
Kawarago, Tendo-shi, Yamagata pref.
(about 15 minutes from JR Tendo Station by car)
# It is located beside the road to Tendo C.C.
Parking area
[ What is "Torii"... ? ]
Japanese Torii means a entrance gate to a sacred place. You see Mt.Suishou between poles directly. So they think that Torii was built for the faith to Mt.Suishou. There are no "Kasagi" and "Shimagi" abecause it has passed very long time. You cannot see this historical site directly because it is located on the top of the hill. But it is easy to find out because they built a signboard.
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Shouge no Ishidorii [Prefectural Material Heritage]
387 centimeters
Separation between the poles
300 centimeters
Period of construction
Japanese Heian Period (about 11C or 12C)
Shoge, Tendo-shi, Yamagata pref.
( Turn to the right at the 1st traffic signal from Yamagata city on the Route 13, go toward to "Yamadera". And turn to the left at the 1st crossroad. You can see it on the right side)

"Shouge no Ishi-Torii" is located in the industrial area in Tendo. There are many cherry trees around there, it is known one of good unknown spot of cherry trees in Tendo. Now it stands front toward the east and west. But the Torii have a mean of the entrance to hory area. So they think that it stood front to the "Yamadera" hory temple of buddist.

"Kasagi" and "Shimagi" is made of only 1 stone. "Nuki" and "Tsuka" is lost now, but it has a image of them. This Torii is counted as "3 Toriis in Mogami area" with one of Narisawa, Yamagata city and one of Motoki, Yamagata city. There is only a little of Torii in Heian era (794A.D. to 1192A.D.) in Japan, this is very precious historical site.

[ Cherry Trees in Tendo... ]
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< Parts of Torii >
(Would you image this picture "Torii" ?)
[IMG of Torii]
red part ...
green part ...
blue part ...
skyblue part ...
black part ...
Hashira (pole)

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