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The mailbox which has the shape of the shogi piece

Tendo City is known as the "Hometown of the shogi piece". There are many things that a shogi piece was designed in the city area. There are mailboxs which has the shape of the shogi piece at the some place, at the Tendo station, the opposite side of Yamagata Bank,Ltd. Tendo branch, at the the Tendo municipal office and at the Tendo post office.

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The guide map which has the shape of the shogi piece
guide map

There are many signs which designed a shogi piece, except for the mailbox as well. This is a city map which has the shape of the shogi piece in front of Yamagata Bank,Ltd. Tendo branch. The same map is inside Tendo hot spring area as well.

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The manhole that a shogi piece is designed

A shogi piece is modeled after not only the sign for the sightseer but also the plain things as well. On the manhle of Tendo City, the shogi piece and the maple tree specified as the tree of Tendo City is designed.

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