2. Landing on Ho Chi Minh
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After the jet landed on the airport, I changed from the jet to the bus to the airport terminal with enduring not to throw up my right arm "Let's GO !". We go to the airport terminal for entry visa.

All visitors looks like rresh, bright. It is about 6:30p.m. local time, it is already at night so I am glad not to see the airport terminal. From the bus, I can see tin roofs, reinforced walls by cloths of the terminal.

At the entty visa, there are about 8 counter and we present visas, passports. The officers have no expression. How sad he is a first Vietnamese I can see ! At my turn, he say to me some words with tapping
on my visa.
"Lotel !"
"What? Lotel?"
Maybe I forgot to write down the place to stay on an entrance visa. France once governed in Vietnam. Perhaps that officer speak English with French accent. Before the tour, I learned the Vietnamese word "Kamu-un" meaning thank you. But I didn't say that word for the officer because he looked like coercive, businesslike.

At last, I got out of the airport with my baggages. It was very hot outside. And Vietnamese waiting for tourist were more hotter!! While waiting the bus of agency, many many taxi drivers came to me.
"Finally visit to Ho Chi Minh !!"
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