3. Walking in city
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[ Bus Stop ]
This is the picture of bus stop.
There is a roof and colorful pictures on the wall.

It is very tired for me to walk around in the city. Because I cannot walk in an absent way, without consentration. I have to see to peoples' eyes, pickpokets, many many bicycles, motorcycles, cars... boy broking ices on the ground directly, man eating at the food stand (open-air restaurant) lovers standing on the rotary.

A body becomes hot steadily, sweat is blurred. And motorcycle taxi drivers and "Cyclo"(bicycle taxi) drivers invite me.

All city is sorrounded me with wriggling.

There are traffic signals in Ho Chi Minh City. But these are just formal, and some traffic signals doesn't run correctly. But all bicycles and motorcycles avoid only if you walk across slowly without scared.

By the way, all tourist guidebooks show the street "Donkoi" as one of shopping area in Ho Chi Minh City and almost tourists visit. I had a image that the street "Donkoi" is the most fasionable area in Vietnam. However, they were considerably untidy. A part of road was broken and a building was covered because of under construction. I have staggered because it was different from the place that I imagined.

One trick of a pickpocket.

One old woman with Vietnamese traditional hat "Nonlah" walked with her child. She come to me and she show her hat against me. She comes over to my very front with Traditional hat upside down. And she crush me and move the right hand covered with Traditional hat into a pocket of a my chest. It is already late even if you think it is strange. Though there was an impression of classic technique, I was surprised at agility of action. Fortunately, the stolen thing was only a receipt and a handkerchief. In Vietnm, they seem to throw away a handkerchief and a comb when they have an accident or have something bad. I will pay attention to a crowd repeatedly.

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