10. Ben Tain Market
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[ Ben Tain Market ]
You can get anything you want at the Ben Tain Market. In the market, there are some food-stands (open-air restaurant). We cannot look this type of building n Japan.

It is very far for me to go to the Ben Tain Market. It takes about 1hour though it is about 1km (about 0.6mile) long. Because traffic density is very big, so I have to go out of the way only if there is the market in front of me.

When I enter the market, one little girl suddenly talk to me in fluent Japanese.

One man near her talk something to aother girl... "Go! Next you!"

I go around in the Ben Tain Market with many Vietnamese, without shopping ... Who teach Japanese to her? The Ben Tain Market, a ordinary market in Ho Chi Minh City, appears on the guidebook for tourists. So it became one of the sight in Ho Chi Minh City and became the best place to cheat Japanese out of their money.

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