11. In bus to the airport
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This is a picture at the "Old Market", one of open-air market in Ho Chi Minh City. After the sunset, they light up goods at the duck shop.

Vietnamese often eat duck. I am very surprised when a man drive a motorbike with over 20 alive ducks and some dead duck. Of course I eat roast duck in French restaurant.

The Vietnamese trip was having an end at last. I got on a bus and went to an airport after having eaten Imperial Court dish while enjoying nation dancing. A road followed on the straight just, and an orange streetlight followed on the straight. We continued running on a road with a motorcycle and a bicycle as ever.

I found the motorcycle which was loaded with mat of straw on the way. Because it was piled up highly, it seemed that mat of straw was moving when I watched it from the back . I thought whether there was no word "halfway" in Vietnam. Someting difficult that "Stop it because it is in danger" in Japan, Vietnamese have accomplished it by the power skill. I often watched that scene, a bicycle-drawn carts collecting trash, bicycles to sell a bird basket, bicycle-drawn carts which they picked up a duck, etc. But they may use bicycles because there is not a car as a means to carry. I thought that it was the real ability to show because there was not else means.

By the way, the time came soon that I announced my Vietnamese that I studied just a little. Anyway I only use two words "Hello" "This one, how much?" during trips.

Because I announced completely useless Vietnamese, driver and tour guide were delighted.

A tour guide praised me who spoke something wrong Japanese. She have us take care really. Thank you very much. She presented Nuoc mam(one of seasoning in Vietnam) for me.

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