9. Mecon River
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Why they miss the weatherforcast? CNN Asian newspaper, they says it is rain today. When I checked the weatherforcast on the web, they said it was storm for 3 days! By the way, it is really very fine for 3 days in Ho Chi Minh City.

[ Cow in the rice field ]We go to Mitoh, about 70km(about 43.5miles) southwest from Ho Chi Minh City. Mitoh is meaning of a beautiful lady in Vietnamese.
I notice that the rice field spread out before us when I look out from the bus to Mitoh. One field they plant rice, the ears of rice tremble, red cows walk freely... It is very peaceful.

We go across the Mecon River by the 20 people-loads of ship. The river "Mecon", it is big river of 4,000km(about 2,486miles) long and it run through in China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to the Sea of Indo-China. I am on the Mecon River when I knew first in junior high school days!! I moved very much. The water of Mecon River is cloudy like a muddy water. But it is not dirty, Mecon River carries grains of soil.

After we landed on the little island on the area of "Mecon Delta", we moved on a canal by the boat. This island is one of the sights, it is like a jungle and there are many mangrove there. How fantastic!! We pass by many boats, all swaty boat workers smile. I watch legs of woman boat worker on our boat. These are completely different from mine. My legs is not suntan and flabby. Her legs is suntan and have thick skin. These thickness look like her life, I think.
[ ship on the Mecon River ]
Across the Mecon River, we pass by ship with many palm trees. All ships on the Mecon River have eyeballs at the bows for keeping alligators out of ships.
[ on the boat ]
I go down the canal on the boat. It is very comfortable for me. I am just fascinated. I wanted to take a boat for a long long time!

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