12. In the Return Jet
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[ Boy in front of the hotel ]
A boy sat down with one streetlight in front of the Saigon Prince Hotel.

He put up his arm and lowered it, I seemed to be happy. I think it is Vietnam that we can see such a scene in front of a high-quality hotel.

We finished check-in of an airplane and said goodbye to our guide. An airport overflowed with Japanese as usual. Grouped young women, a boy that seems to be excellent curiosity, parent with child who wore Vietnamese Aozai, woman carried a strange big rucksack on her back, Japanese man with a Vietnamese girlfriend, there were many many Japanese in the airport. He was freely fluent in Vietnamese. I long to be... There were a lot of group trip visitors when I came to Vietnam, but there was no in a return.

I was surprised that there was a big gap with an entrance when I passed an entrance examination. A colorful duty-free shop stands in line. Several woman shop clerks gathered and chatted. At last I found a Makadamian Nuts in Vietnam. I memorised that it was made in Singapore... Unfortunately all the prices were displayed by the dollar.

At Vietnam time 11:45 p.m., our plane DC-10 flew away from the Tan Son Nhat airport.

In Ho Chi Minh city readjusted the division of properly, an orange streetlight continues along a boulevard on the straight. And a light of living of people scatters in the circumference. An airplane rises to steal it.

As altitude will increase steadily, I can see the total picture of Ho Chi Minh city from a window of an airplane.

It was more beautiful night view than the Japanese night view that I have seen. I cried and did not stop somehow.
Is it sad to part from Ho Chi Minh city? Am I glad that the first overseas travel was over safely? Am I glad that I was able to step on the ground of longing?

It was a flight of the midnight, but I arrived at Kansai International Airport to hardly sleep. In the way, I looked at a city of Taipei that rose darkly from the sky. There was the sense that seemed to move slowly. I thought whether this was movement of earth size.

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