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City Museum of Art(Last update: June 18, 2000)

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Tendo City Museum of Art
City Museum

They colect and display the works of Mr. Chuichi KONNO who was born in Tendo and Mr. Morikazu KUMAGAI whose works were donated by Mr.Yutarou MURAYAMA who was a businessman born in Tendo. And they have many special exhibitions, for example, "The colection of Yoshino Sekkou".

1-2-2, Oinomori, Tendo-shi, Yamagata Prefecture
(north of City office in Tendo)
Parking Area
For about 30 cars iyou can also park at the city library and city office)
Every on Monday, the end and the begining of the year
(they will close on Tuesday if it is holiday on Monday)
From 9:00am to 5:00pm (entry by 4:30pm)
400 yen for adults / 200 yen for students / 100 yen for under 15-year-old people
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TEL +81-23-654-6300
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Schedule of exhibition in 2000
Apr. 14(Fri.) - May. 14(Sun.) Works of cherry blossoms by Matazou KAYAMA
May. 19(Fri.) - Jun. 11(Sun.) Works by local painters
Jun. 16(Fri.) - Jul. 16(Sun.) "Works in 21th century"
Jul. 20(Thu.) - Aug. 27(Sun.) Modern Japanese pictyures
Sep. 1(Fri.) - Oct. 1(Sun.) Works of Chuichi KONNO
Oct. 6(Fri.) - Nov. 19(Sun.) Works of Chuichi KONNO
Nov. 23(Thu.) - Dec. 3(Sun.) Works of citizens of Tendo
Dec. 7(Thu.) - Dec. 24(Sun.) Modern Western paintings by Japanese painters
Jan. 4(Thu.) - Feb. 4(Sun.) Colections of the company "Yoshino Sekkou"
Feb. 9(Fri.) - Apr. 8(Sun.) New colections

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