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Tsume-shogi on the street
Tsume Shogi

There are many Tsume-shogi#1, on the street from the JR station to the Tendo Spa. In the central Tendo, there are Tsume-shogi on the eletric pole, as well.

#1Tsume-shogi : how to check mate as early as possible.

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Tsume-shogi on the electric pole
Electric Pole

There are shogi pieces on the electric pole as well. They printed the Tsume-shogi#2 on the electric pole of a main street from the Tendo station to the area of Tendo hot spring. You can find out the Tsume-shogi#2 on the sidewalk easyly. And please try to wactch on the electric pole as well ?

#2Tsume-shogi : how to check mate as early as possible.

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Bridge on the river "Kuratsu-Gawa"
Bridge on the river Kuratsu-Gawa

The river "Kuratsu-Gawa" runs through in the central Tendo and runs to the river "Mogami-Gawa" which we, people in Yamagata Prefecture, regard as mother river. Bridges on the river "Kuratsu-Gawa" is named after shogi pieces, Oushou-Bashi(king), Kinshou-Bashi(Gold). Parapet of bridges have shogi pieces and those shogi pieces is lit up at night.

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