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Tendo Mogamigawa Onsen "Yupia"

"Tendo Mogamigawa Onsen YUPIA" was opened as a public spa on April 17, 1998. It is very reasonable. price at this spa, 200yen per 1 adult and 100yen per 1 children. So many people visit at this spa, from not only in Tendo city but also around Tendo city, Sendai city next to Yamagata Prefecture.

It is very reasonable price, but they prepare shampoo, body-shampoo, etc. completely. And sauna bath and very large open-air bath are very popular among many people.

From 7:00am to 9:00pm
Every 2nd Monday
200yen per 1 adult / 100yen per 1 children(under 13 years old people)
1620-1. Tounai-shinden, Tendo-shi [about 10 minutes by car from JR Tendo station to Sagae city]
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TEL +81-23-651-3333
  • Name of spa
      Tendo Mogamigawa Onsen
  • Name of facility
  • Place of spa
      2757-1, Naganuma, Kurazou, Tendo-shi
  • Temperature of Spa
  • Rest after evaporation
  • pH (potentialofhydrogen)
  • Quality of Tendo Spa
  • Effecacy to bathe in spa
      scrape, scald, chronic skin disease, neuralgia, muscular pain, articular pain, muscular paralyze, stiffend joint, bruise, sprain, chronic indigestion, hemorrhoids, sensitive to cold, after convalescence after disease, restorative, wholesomeness
  • Positive ion
      Lithium ion (Li+) / 0.3mg Sodium ion (Na+) / 2,552mg Potassium ion (K+) / 76.4mg Magnesium ion (Mg2+) / 77.5mg Calcium ion (Ca2+) / 420.5mg Manganese ion (Mn2+) / 3.6mg Iron (II) ion (Fe2+) / 2.5mg
  • Unable to bathe in spa
      acute disease (especially with fever), tuberculous, cancer, heavy heart attack, respiratory disease, kidney trouble, bleeding disease, heavy anemia, other progressive diseases, be pregnant (especially the beginning and the end)
  • Negative ion
      Fluoride ion (F-) / 0.1mg Chloride ion (Cl-) / 4,696mg Bromide ion (Br-) / 14.9mg Iodic Ion (I-) / 1.4mg Sulfuric acid ion (So42-) / 0.2mg Hydrogen carbonate ion (HCO3-) / 325.5mg Carbonate ion (Co32-) / 0.5mg
  • Alienated ingredient
      Non ionized
        Silicic ion (H2SIO3) / 104.8mg Boric ion (HBO2) / 9.9mg
      Dissolved gas
        Alienated carbon dioxide (CO2) / 27.4mg
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